Driver oriented developments – ergonomics means active safety

In order to comply with the versatile applications in the field of vehicle transport on one side, and with the safety requirements of the driver / operator on the other side, permanent further development of a lot of “setting screws” is required – integrating highly sophisticated solutions for technical functions and simplified handling at the same time. This is why Kässbohrer always focuses first on the driver and his every-day tasks when developing a vehicle further. You will be able to experience a whole slew of new developments which will facilitate the driver’s work with the vehicle transporter and will at the same time make operation more economic for the company. Two highlights will be a newly-developed, alternative platform above the driver’s cab and a hydraulic access platform for the driver with integrated anti-fall guard. Kässbohrer will also exhibit a more efficient lighting system, especially for demanding work conditions, and will give a preview of the next developments in the field of vehicle handling. To provide our customers with the safest and most economic vehicle transporters will remain Kässbohrer’s fundamental mission and task. In addition to our core products, the interested visitor will also experience new vehicle concepts for temperature-controlled cooling transports as well as new developments from Kässbohrer’s special task force department „Tailored Solutions“.