The Kässbohrer box body reefers – the Coolsider® product line

At the transport trade fair LASTBIL 2016 in Jönköping (Sweden), Kässbohrer has proven its competency in the field of temperature controlled box body vehicles with hydraulic sidewall. The Kässbohrer product line coolsider® offers a simple and reliable alternative to the established folding-wall box bodies. The coolsider® consists of a box body superstructure, whose complete left sidewall can swivel flat onto the rooftop. The reefer superstructure offers independent energy supply, fully-automatic computer-controlled operation, low maintenance effort, one-part sidewall without middle post, a side aperture height that is equal to the internal height (no obstructive upper boom), and an excellent isolation performance (low fuel consumption). The coolsider® offers individual customer adaptations. The opening and locking mechanism is based on the patent of Wingliner® – Kässbohrer has developed it for series production. Wingliner and Kässbohrer are connected by a business relationship. In addition to the coolsider®, Kässbohrer manufactures and markets the Wingliner® dry box body exclusively all over Scandinavia.


The 24 meter road train exhibited at the LASTBIL 2016 consists of a three-axle truck with Wingliner® dry box body and a four-axle drawbar trailer with coolsider® reefer superstructure. The refrigerated coolsider® box body as well as the Wingliner® dry box body have already performed successfully during numerous tests at famous customers in Scandinavia.


Especially under the rough climatic conditions of Scandinavia, Kässbohrer’s vehicle transporters are well-tried and have established an excellent reputation. A clear message comes from this specialized fair: Kässbohrer has proven its competence with vehicle transporters as well as with reefers and dry box body superstructures with hydraulic sidewall opening.


The coolsider® four-axle drawbar trailer will also be presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Exhibition in Hannover (Germany) from September 22 to 29, 2016, at the open-air exhibition ground G46.