Truck Superstructure

Flexibility and optimum load factor

The key points of the metago®pro model family are flexibility and excellent load factor. This innovative vehicle transporter impresses with its virtually unlimited loading options.


  • High load factor due to hydraulically adjustable platforms

  • Easy and precise loading and unloading provide load safety and efficiency

  • Ergonomic layout of the hydraulic controls with a perfect view of the moving platform components

  • Pillar groups and wheel housings are designed for a maximum load height

  • Features an optimized mounting space for the original fuel tank or for the Kässbohrer fuel reservoir solutions

  • Flexible operation in case of permanently changing loading demands

Weights & Dimensions

Net weight superstructure
min. 4.450 - max. 5.350 kg

Wheel base
5.400 - 5.600 mm

Overall vehicle length
11.270 mm

Overall vehicle width
2.550 mm

Entry height
2.050 mm (M1), 1.900 mm (M5)

Platforms passage witdh
2.325 mm lower platform, 2.405 mm upper platform

metago®pro Types

metago® pro M5pro -
metago® pro M5pro
metago® pro M1pro -
metago® pro M1pro


Standard equipment

  • Bolted light metal construction
  • Hydraulic system with automatic locks
  • Upper platform with front supporting pillars with lifting spindles
  • Single arm extension at the rear lifting system
  • Hydraulic extension at the rear end of the upper platform
  • Upper and lower platform in galvanized finish
  • Low-wear Kässbohrer hitch ball coupling
  • Non-slip ladders on both sides

Optional equipment

  • Drive-on ramps towards upper front platform, manually extendable (1,000 – 1,500 mm)

  • Hydraulic rear platform with one pair of pans and two pairs of fixing girders

  • Automatic lubrication system

  • Hydraulic winch, including free-wheeling, covers, deflection and guide rollers and wireless remote control

  • Possibility to integrate the manufacturer’s original fuel tank

Loading example metago® pro M1 with 4,00 m height. Observe national regulations!
Loading example metago® pro M1 with 4,00 m height. Observe national regulations!










Truck superstructure














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For more details and additional equipment options please refer to the respective data sheets. The illustrations are used as examples and might show vehicles with optional equipment. We reserve the right to make changes due to errors or based on technical progress.

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Kässbohrer transporter superstructures are compatible with chassis of all leading truck manufacturers. The design of our car carriers gives you the possibility to combine trucks and trailers from different models and to adjust them to fit your individual needs.


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