Another new long truck development: semi-trailer ruslan® SE

Whenever ecological and efficient logistics solutions are discussed in public and in the industry, so-called 'long truck concepts' are always a topic.

Kässbohrer sees itself as a pioneer and partner of the industry when it comes to future-oriented issues in transport. Some time ago, Kässbohrer has developed a car transporter for operation as a long truck of 25.25 m and successfully established it on the market - due to the legal regulations so far mainly in Scandinavia, but also designed for other target regions.

Following the 25.25 m articulated train, Kässbohrer is now launching another new long truck development on the market in the shape of a 20 m semi-trailer with a load factor of up to 8 cars - instead of the usual 5 to 6 vehicles in the classic semi-trailer concept. In addition to particularly economical and thus also ecological transport, the new Kässbohrer ruslan® SE semi-trailer also offers new technical solutions concerning driver safety - with new operating concepts and a particularly easy-to-handle driver's gangway for even safer loading and unloading of the transporter. And now that all tests and quality inspections have been completed with positive results, nothing stands in the way of the first deliveries of Kässbohrer's new articulated vehicle.



Kässbohrer Transport Technik GmbH
Markus Guggenbichler,