Kässbohrers contribution to e-mobility

Product line Ecotrans, from the series of closed vehicles, as a version with electro-hydraulic drive


The vehicle transport sector is changing. E-mobility and sustainable transportation of cargo are in the focus and require new ways of thinking. Kässbohrer sees this challenge as an opportunity and has developed an Ecotrans with electric drive in order to meet the special mobility needs of its customers. The first types of Ecotrans with electro-hydraulic drive have already been delivered to the customers who have been using them successfully for some time. The Kässbohrer Ecotrans, from the series of closed vehicles, will be used for safe transportation of exclusive vehicles, high-value prototypes and individual exhibition models. By means of the electro-hydraulic drive of the semitrailer which is charged by an AGM battery, emissions are saved during the charging process and at the same time there is a clear reduction in noise, since the engine of the truck is turned off. The battery can easily be charged by a power cable during the ride time of the truck using a charging cable. This ensures a self-sufficient operation that makes the loading and unloading cycles easy and convenient for the user. Thus, the use of the Ecotrans with an electro-hydraulic drive makes a valuable contribution to environmental sustainability in the transport sector and at the same time significantly increases the economy.




By means of a touch-screen the current battery level can be queried.