Vehicle refurbishment

Give your Kässbohrer vehicle a second life.

 “Kässbohrer ExtraLife” is our refurbishment program for vehicle transporters.
Whether you want to replace your truck chassis or you need a technical upgrade or a type standardisation, we can do that for you with an OEM quality level!


To enjoy the quality of your Kässbohrer product beyond the service life of your truck, we offer you the possibility to replace the chassis along with the refurbishment of the superstructure and the trailer.

With our one-stop concept, the truck replacement, technical upgrades, varnishing restauration and delivery will be handled by one contact person. Your vehicle will return to a trouble-free operation within no-time!



Advantages of Kässbohrer ExtraLife:

  • Substantial extension of service life

  • Integration of original spare parts

  • Sandblasting and varnishing of steel assemblies

  • Upgrade to state-of-the-art standards

  • One year of warranty for executed works and replaced parts (except of wear parts)

  • Compliance with all compulsory specifications up to standardisation

Optional steps of a vehicle transporter refurbishment with truck replacement – depending on the current state of the vehicle:


  • Dismounting the superstructure from the chassis
  • Replacement of the glass fibre side panels
  • Modification of the fuel tank system
  • Installation of the superstructure components on the new chassis
  • Change of hydraulic oil and filter cartridges
  • Truck chassis preparation:
    • Shortening the chassis frame
    • Sandblasting and varnishing the rear cross beam
    • Modification of the fuel tank system
    • Relocation of the pressure air vessel
    • Relocation of the battery assembly

Some optional extra features:


  • Tachometer check
  • Installation of a Toll-Collect device
  • Chamfering the roof of the driver’s cab
  • Integration of a third axle ahead of the rear axle
  • Extension of hydraulic components (like hydraulic kick-up ramp, rear platform, drawbar)
  • New wiring for electronic and lighting components
  • Integration of a central lubrication system
  • Scheduled maintenance for axles and brake system
  • Varnish refurbishment