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EU 2020/740 & VO 2018/858
RMI VO 2018/858

The Kässbohrer company manufactures commercial vehicles in which components, systems or independent technical units requiring approval are installed.
For proper operation incl. maintenance, faulty and emergency operation, various documents are created and enclosed with the vehicle in print form. These can also be requested directly by the customer via the "Sales & Services" area or download them directly from our website. Request an access to this via the link "Request access for documents" and then login via the link "Login document area"! In addition, current instructions for system components, such as axles, brakes or central lubrication can always be found via the attached serial numbers at the respective premium manufacturers.

In addition, the electronic spare parts catalog represents the extended link to customers, workshops and independent business players. The spare parts catalog contains spare parts as well as instructions, operating manuals, hydraulic and electrical circuit diagrams, etc. in pdf format. Also repair instructions or service information, which are required for vehicle operation according to STVO.


Access spare parts catalog
The internet address of the spare parts catalog is
In addition to a valid chassis number, a user name and password are required for access. These are issued exclusively by Kässbohrer Eugendorf. For this purpose, a request must be sent to the service center, this can also be requested directly online via an introductory training. In this way, every independent economic operator is given non-discriminatory access to the requested information. However, Kässbohrer reserves the right to check the requests for real persons in order to exclude any misuse.


Since a vehicle transporter is a very special commercial vehicle and is not produced in large numbers, personal consultation with our service center is often necessary.
Therefore, if information is not available online, our custome rservice is available during normal office hours. This applies in particular to vehicle-specific data sets, such as modulator data, which can be provided in electronic form on request.


Truck manufacturer access RMI


Truck manufacturer


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Daimler, Mercedes Benz

Daimler Truck AG
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Deutschland


Scania CB AB
15187 Södertälje/Schweden


Volvo Truck Corporation 40508


Estepe Special Truck Products B.V.
5384 VT Heesch/Niederlande


VDI 2700 Loading securing

Dear customer,


In preparation for the VDI guideline 2700, we are starting a requirements survey with immediate effect.


To ensure smooth processing, please send us the completed Excel template with structure body number, vehicle identification number and trailer chassis number as well as the completed survey form for your fleet to !


You will find the templates in the download area below. The mails together with the survey forms will be processed in the order in which they are received. Please only use the templates provided by us!

Please note that the documents subsequently created for you are legally valid documents! Any misuse will be penalised and, if necessary, reported to the police.


Please note that the certification depends on the year of manufacture, configuration and accessories of the vehicle and that a fee is charged for the creation of the certificate. The certificate will only be issued after a positive check of the valid evidence and receipt of the cost contribution. The customer himself is liable for the correctness of the content of the documents and is responsible for maintaining the periodic inspection.

For vehicle bodies or trailers built before 2012, acceptance by Kässbohrer Transport Technik GmbH or a verified representative is required.

The approval takes place after the data has been transmitted.


If you need any technical information, our highly qualified team is at your disposal.


+43 6225 28 100-6683


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