Zero Emission

Zero emission, i.e. a CO2-free car transporter, is not a distant goal for Kässbohrer; it is already possible today. The world's first e-car transporter from Kässbohrer has already been in operation since March 2022.

The EU stipulates that fossil fuels will be banned for heavier vehicles from 2040. Vehicles of less than 26t are to be carbon neutral in certain countries as early as 2035. In order to be able to comply with this regulation and enable CO2-free car transport, Kässbohrer has developed a battery-powered car transporter in collaboration with Designwerk and put it on the road.

There are a variety of subsidy options which can be applied for by our customers, but these vary greatly from country to country. Since the first e-car transporter was deployed, many OEMs have become interested in CO2 free vehicle transportation and more projects are in the works.

If you are also interested in our E-car transporters, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Markus Guggenbichler at any time.


Technical data:

Charging possibility:

Up to 8 cars

Battery capacity:

900 kWh

Working power:

500 kW (680 hp)

Storage capacity:

4 x 225 kWh lithium-ion battery

Total range:

approx. 500 km at full load

Charging capability:

Slow charging (150 kW) approx. 4.1 hrs.

Fast charging (350 kW) approx. 1.7 hrs.

Interview electric transporter