Business 2 Business

Valuable business relations

Our philosophy


Kässbohrer Transport Technik sees itself as a very approachable and competent partner in various areas of business. Business 2 Business means for KTT to establish, cultivate and expand durable, valuable partnerships. Therefore we constantly strive to optimize information and commodity flow with our business partners.


The requirements and requests of our customers are our guideline on the way to the leading position in innovation. Kässbohrer Transport Technik offers a selection of useful services to help you and your enterprise save precious time and money.




Purchase & logistics


We want to be a fair, demanding and supporting partner for our competent suppliers. On the basis of this principle we intend to optimize existing delivery relations and to prove our competitiveness under constantly changing market challenges in cooperation with our partners. We focus especially on optimized logistic processes and direct, fast communication with our partners.


We are constantly looking for innovations and economically efficient solutions, we include the know-how of our suppliers and are always open for new ideas.


If you would like to apply as a future supplier for Kässbohrer Transport Technik, please fill in the following form.




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