Get your career rolling with Kässbohrer

Our company offers to young, motivated people the chance to achieve a successful professional training. Our apprenticeship training is versatile: besides the training on the job and at the professional school it also involves advanced training and seminars.


Available professions:

Make sure to select the best profession for yourself.  We offer apprenticeship training for these professions:

  • Mechanic engineering – vehicle manufacturing
  • Varnisher
  • Operational logistics management assistant (male and female)
  • Mechatronics engineer – manufacturing engineering

Our slogan „Kässbohrer – taugt`ma!“ („Kässbohrer – suits me well!“) is not a meaningless phrase. Trainees with distinct commitment and strong will for high performance can enjoy extensive career opportunities. Several success stories already happened in our company, like „from trainee to service manager“ or „from apprentice to workshop manager“. The development of your career at Kässbohrer lies mainly in your own hands.


We also support the training model called „apprenticeship with university-entrance diploma“, which offers complete apprenticeship together with fully-fledged A-levels diploma. We will gladly help you to complete the formalities.

Salary and benefits:


Kässbohrer will finance your training inside the company and the participation in an apprenticeship diploma (includes several seminars on character building). We will provide you with a start-up set right at the beginning of your education and will cover the costs for your workwear including cleaning.


Bonus awards can be granted for special performance at professional school, at your work place and for good social competence. Professional school takes place in sandwich courses in Salzburg (Mechanic engineering – vehicle manufacturing and Varnisher) or in Tamsweg (Operational logistics management assistant). The residential school expense will be covered by Kässbohrer.


Apprentice compensation is fixed in the collective agreement for iron and metal working industry:

1st year of apprenticeship: € 900,00

2nd year of apprenticeship: €1.090,00

3rd year of apprenticeship: € 1.425,00

4th year of apprenticeship: € 1.870,00

Trial apprenticeship:


You get the best impression of your future professional life by using our offer “2-day trial apprenticeship at Kässbohrer”. The only requirement for this practical is a confirmation letter “Practical Training Days” from your school.

Video Lehrberuf Metalltechnik-Fahrzeugbautechnik

Video Lehrberuf Lackiertechnik

Video Lehrberuf Betriebslogistikkaufmann/-frau


If you are interessted in a apprenticehip by Kässbohrer please contact our commissioner for apprenticeship training.



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