99 years of engineering experience in a shared office

Three of our technical experts have worked together for 99 years at Kässbohrer Transport Technik GmbH in Eugendorf! 

With their expertise and dedication, they have helped us to always develop innovative solutions and offer our customers first-class products. However, it is not only their joint inventions that connect them, but also the daily togetherness in an office - through shared challenges, successes and the constant exchange of knowledge. Their expertise has enabled us to constantly develop and together with their teams and colleagues, has helped us to become a leading manufacturer of vehicle transporters and special vehicles for the automotive and logistics industries. 

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Meixner, Mr. Eberhartinger and Mr. Fößl. Their many years of loyalty and commitment are an example to us all. Congratulations on this milestone!


(Picture from left to right: Stefan Meixner, Alexander Eberhartinger, Horst Fößl)

Stefan Meixner started his apprenticeship with us as a vehicle construction technician in 1990 and has remained loyal to us to this day. He passed through various departments with us, from the repair department, team leader special vehicle construction, head of customer service, human resources to head of special vehicle construction. Now he is responsible for our product range as head of product management.

Since 2005, Mr. Meixner has been conducting test drives of our car transporters and will continue to perform this task with great dedication. In his career he traveled a lot and could successfully carry out projects with his colleagues in cities like Cape Town, Florida, Busan or even Tromsø.



Alexander Eberhartinger also started his apprenticeship with us in 1989 as a vehicle construction technician and worked for a long time in the design department, after which he moved to the development department in 2003. Mr. Eberhartinger is one of our "inventors" of various patents, e.g. he invented our articulated platform of the intago MAX fp, the cab superstructure Flextop, the hydraulic fall protection and the lifting device. The future lies with him in the technical management of the company. Mr. Eberhartinger and Mr. Meixner set a good example by taking the path of in-service training in addition to their education in order to expand their technical skills. 



Horst Fößl laid his foundation stone with us in the company in 1991, starting in work preparation and becoming head of production control. After Kässbohrer moved to Eugendorf, he headed strategic purchasing and was also responsible for logistics. Since 2012 he was our technical manager and since July this year he is responsible for our complementary products (r2L, special vehicles etc.). Likewise, since July he has been one of the managing directors of our subsidiary Rohr-Spezialfahrzeuge, based in Straubing.