New load securing regulations in accordance with VDI 2700 come into force

To ensure that your Kässbohrer vehicle transporters can continue to be loaded by OEMs without restriction in the future, we have taken precautions together with other manufacturers and have been actively involved in the TÜV/VDI load securing working groups for several years. The results of this work have been incorporated into the new VDI 2700 standard, the green print has already been issued, and with the white print expected soon, the new standard will very soon be demanded by shippers as the state of the art and will also be reviewed at the level of national road traffic regulations in terms of the safety requirements for vehicle loading. 

We can meet this requirement during loading (on the part of the OEM) and the possible inspections everywhere in traffic (on the part of the road supervisory executive bodies) together by you as the vehicle owner proving by means of your own declaration of conformity, issued for your respective vehicle transporter, that your vehicle complies with the technical regulations in accordance with the new VDI 2700 standard and that this compliance is also certified by the vehicle manufacturer!


The exact procedure for obtaining the declaration of conformity for existing vehicles can be found below; Kässbohrer has already provided separate information on this recently. At this point, we would like to inform you with maximum transparency about the associated costs and prices, applicable to each individual Kässbohrer vehicle transporter, initially limited for orders placed until October 31, 2024: 


Package A at a price of Euro 790.00*

valid for all existing vehicles built from 2012 to 2023 consisting of the declaration of conformity according to VDI 2700 including a 16-piece lashing strap set according to the standard requirement


Package B at a price of Euro 390.00*

valid for all existing vehicles from 2012 to 2023 for the corresponding vehicle assessment/documentation and preparation of the declaration of conformity without lashing strap set (only possible if you can provide proof of the use of the standard-compliant lashing strap and load securing accessories without any doubt and guaranteed in writing)


Package C at a price of Euro 250.00*

valid for all vehicles built from 2024 and for all future new vehicles 


*The aforementioned service packages are valid until revoked, currently until 31.10.2024 at the latest, subject to the following conditions:

The vehicle is in perfect care and maintenance condition, in particular with regard to the condition of the road plates and the general technical condition (any necessary repairs and/or retrofitting measures must be checked separately and offered in chronological order)

In order for a manufacturer's declaration of conformity in accordance with VDI 2700 to be issued, very lengthy and comprehensive technical tests were required in advance, which were carried out under the supervision of the TÜV and financed by the manufacturers; a very small proportion of these multi-year pre-investment costs are included in the costs of issuing the declaration of conformity.


To ensure that your vehicle transporters meet the OEM requirements without any time restrictions, from the entry into force of the standard to the proof of technical conformity and the declaration of conformity, we have taken precautions and pre-financed large quantities of load securing accessories, in particular standard-compliant lashing straps, for you and kept them in stock. Of course, this is not possible for thousands of vehicles, so the first-in, first-out principle applies, i.e. whoever orders first, supplies all the vehicle data and pays first, gets the equipment first. In the interests of equal treatment and the generality of vehicle transporter owners, it is not possible to reorder and / or change the composition of items.


Once again a note on new vehicles built from 2024 and new productions: 

Due to the ongoing product maintenance, keyword lift-off protection, new material thickness designs, etc., the effort for a corresponding standard declaration of conformity for new vehicles can be reduced to a minimum and so that you do not have to order a declaration of conformity separately for each new vehicle, we will add the item VDI declaration of conformity to all current vehicle transporter orders at a price of Euro 250.00 and carry out the corresponding documentation. If you do not wish this, please let us know separately. In this case, subsequent certification will no longer be possible or will be subject to additional costs.



Another challenge for you as FVL, for us as a vehicle transporter manufacturer, this time from the corner of load safety, an undoubtedly very important topic, albeit one that involves a lot of effort and work. The positive side: there is a solution for existing and new vehicles and there is operational handling and if everyone cooperates, we will get it right! And if your drivers and our vehicle transporters are a bit safer on the road again, we will all be helped, including your customers, the OEMs!


Your Kässbohrer Transport Technik Team