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Individually tailored solutions for vehicle transporters

The field of vehicle transport experiences increasing demands and applications. This is why Kässbohrer extends their range of solutions – development, construction and manufacturing out of one hand. Efficiency and adherence of the highest quality standards are a matter of course for us and our vehicles.

Transporters of caravans, campers and light utility vehicles

If you would like to know more about this product line, please contact Mr Markus Guggenbichler for detailed information.


Mr. Markus Guggenbichler, markus.guggenbichler@kaessbohrer.at




Case study: r2L Load Carrier

Kässbohrer Transport Technik and VEGA International are developing and building tailor-made systems for effective and efficient ship and rail transport. The system converts a standard pocket wagon into a car transport wagon. Thanks to the universal applicability of the system, inbound and outbound traffic can for the first time be combined and thus made more efficient in automotive logistics on rail.
A total of 64 r2L load carriers are currently in use, for example on the route between Karlsruhe and Fernetti near Trieste.


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Mr. Horst Fößl

Development manager

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Concept 25.25 for Scandinavia

Kässbohrer is continuing its mission of being the "manufacturer of the safest and most economical car transporters" in the field of open car carriers. Kässbohrer is currently starting pilot operations with its latest development, the Norlan Eurocombi articulated train (length 25.25 m, load up to 12 cars). The Norlan combination consists of a metago® pro truck, a dolly and the valerian pro HD semi-trailer.


The cost-effectiveness of the Norlan articulated train is due, among other things, to its high loading capacity due to the use of central stacking on the valerian pro HD semi-trailer. Thanks to an innovative platform layout, the passage between semi-trailer and motor vehicle is safe and comfortable.


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High agility of the articulated train


Safe and comfortable passage between semi-trailer and truck